There are a lot of networking and referral communities out there.

What we know already is that you can't stand being sardined into a networking group, or a tiny square on a sea of zoom squares, where you are now asked to give some perfectly curated 60 second commercial that no one will remember, as if somehow that is actually going to change your business or anyone else's.


We want to come back to a different sense of community, a space where you can

You’ll Finally declare you're not alone anymore in business and not alone on the internet

Play your way to your vision in your business

Use a little bit of magic and pixie dust to keep things interesting (yep I just made that a bullet point!)

Link arms with other people who know the value of community and relationships in life and business and are ready to do it different

With any kind of relationship, what is a necessary component?


We have to be committed to ourselves and to each other.

The investment is minimal, with the intention of having you actually put this on your calendar and make it a high priority. At the end of the day we might find something that really changes the way that we work, the way that we do business and maybe even the way we do life.

Plus, we all need dependable people we can turn to.

So that...


When something blows up, you have people who will catch you!


When you have a massive win, these people will celebrate with you!


When you forget that everything you need is within you, these people will remind you who you are.


When you're doing it alone again, these people will remind you to make it easy and ask for help!


And when you get too dang serious about it all, this group will inspire you lighten up!

Who's with me? Who is ready to do business and community a whole new way?

There are three tiers of participation in these communities

A letter from Melisa... Why The Bees?

Hi I am Melisa, and I am honored to be the CEO of AMA Publishing. Let me tell you, I used to do business all alone. I spent way too much money investing in business coaches and gurus so that I could create success and then one day, I discovered I could have been leaning into the hive of other brilliant business owners and getting the exact same kind of support I was seeking... I was going about it all wrong.

I wasn't experiencing the connectedness of community or asking for support, I wasn't keeping it light, fun and playful, and I was still thinking that I needed a guru to tell me what to do.

I will never forget the day that I looked around and realized, wow, I am really doing it, I figured this out, I surrounded myself with a village, I am having fun again, and I am NOT alone in my business anymore!


This is what the new earth is asking of us, a new way, a new perspective. We can't do it alone anymore, it just doesn't work. No more being the only person on the planet promoting your program.

I am also notoriously playful and simultaneously notorious for making things harder than they have to be. So these groups are as much for me as they are for all of you.

You know, I think bees are the ultimate business gurus. They are in total ecstasy continually exchanging pollen with flowers, cross-pollenating by bathing and basking in the pollen until it covers their entire bodies, and then returning it back to the hive. On their own a single honeybee contributes 1/10th tsp. of heavenly honey in their lifetime, but together they create so much, contributing to the common good, and ultimately sustaining life for ALL OF US on the planet. Do you see the symbolism?

If it can be like this, then why do it any other way?!

So, if you relate to my story and want more community, and you don't mind some more bee metaphors and encouragement to get out of your comfort zone, then let's play!

See you there,