Bridget Aileen Sicsko

Prior to starting my own publishing company, I had zero—and I repeat, zero—experience in the publishing industry. My prior experience was in sales, advertising, coaching, podcasting, and healing.

My background probably sounds a lot like the typical entrepreneur—non-linear and quite a meandering journey. After graduating from college with a Digital Communications and Organizational Leadership degree, I began working in advertising sales for Yelp. Realizing quite quickly that was not the path for me, I quit my job, traveled to Europe, and studied Yoga and Ayurveda in Ibiza, Spain. During that time, I began to reflect on my Lymes disease journey starting at age 15. When I was younger, I felt so frustrated—sick of endless rounds of antibiotics which never got to the root of the illness and felt unheard by the doctors who were meant to help me. I knew that experience was a clue to my mission and I wanted to make sure all voices were heard.

I feel like an entirely new woman since opening my publishing company. I am 27 years old, hiring a team of experts to help me facilitate, organize, edit, publish and format my books. My vision for my business and the direction I want this business to go in could not be more clear. Monetarily, I am earning more than I was in the past, so I have the foundation to truly scale and grow now. Most importantly, I am a woman with a plan now. I have made more than $25k in my publishing business.