Wall Street Journal Multi-Author Bestseller Program Terms of Purchase

Please read these terms carefully as they are a binding legal contract, and we suggest downloading a copy for your records. 

You are purchasing 1 chapter in the multi-author book, which includes editing, proofreading, formatting, full professional design, bestseller rank on at least one of the following top-tier publications: The Wall Street Journal or USA Today in addition to Amazon, and rights to distribute your chapter as you choose.

You are purchasing this in your business capacity and guaranteeing the purchase as an individual. 

This Terms of Purchase is the entire agreement between us. This Terms of Purchase supersedes our prior discussions, emails, online or voice messages. 

What happens after you pay: 

Our secure payment processor is Stripe. You’ll receive a receipt for your records shortly after purchase. Please allow 24-48 hours for communication from AMA Publishing with what we require for your chapter and bio.

We reserve the right to delay communication if technical difficulties arise. 


This service has a no refunds policy. By completing this purchase, I acknowledge and agree not to initiate a chargeback. If I initiate a chargeback I will be charged an additional fee of $300 USD. I agree that failure to complete my chapter in time does not warrant a refund.

Payment Schedule: 

All book payments are made in full at the start of the project. 

I agree that I will provide necessary information for my chapter and bio to AMA Publishing with the execution of this agreement for the multi-author book to be released, crediting me as a co-author.

I agree to send my completed chapter and bio to AMA Publishing by the date specified in the private Facebook group. I understand that failure to send my chapter and bio by the date specified in the private Facebook group will result in my chapter no longer being included in the multi-author book and no refund will be given.

I am granting to AMA Publishing, along with their partners and co-authors, the non-exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute and sell my chapter as a part of the book throughout the world in all languages.

I am granting AMA Publishing, their partners, and co-authors the right to use my name, likeness, biographical information, and full and/or excerpt of my chapter with full attribution to me in the promotion of the book in both digital and printed format.

I understand that the sales of the ebook and print version of the book sold through various retail outlets containing my chapter is for AMA Publishing only and that all profits will go to AMA Publishing. I understand that I will receive no royalties from the sales of the ebook or print version of the book sales.

I understand I cannot make changes to the cover, the manuscript, book description or the price. I understand I can only publish and sell on the platform that AMA Publishing has given me permission to publish on.

I understand that AMA Publishing is not making any guarantees as to how many books will be sold, but only that the book will rank as a bestseller on either the Wall Street Journal or USA Today and at least one Amazon Bestseller list within 30 days of release. 

I understand that I am joining this program with the intention of selling services and products and not for making money from book sales.

I understand that there is no guarantee for how long the book will rank as a bestseller, but I will receive screenshots and graphics for my marketing purposes.

I understand I will be asked to participate in the promotion of the book when it is released.

I understand that AMA Publishing will secure US copyright for the book, including my chapter, however I shall retain the right to republish my work in any manner and AMA Publishing agrees that this shall not be deemed an infringement on the copyright.

I understand that AMA Publishing is publishing my chapter with the understanding that it is my own original work and that it is my own responsibility to ensure my work is original and not infringing on others’ copyrights. I understand that AMA Publishing will not be held responsible for any copyright violations resulting from my chapter being published.

I understand that no paperback copies are included in this program but can be purchased from Amazon at the wholesale price.

I understand that AMA Publishing reserves the right to push back the date of publication of my book for any reason.

I have read the terms of purchase & by making a payment I agree to the terms of purchase.