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I’m Adriana Monique Alvarez, and I've had a hand in helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs in 36 countries become international bestselling authors. I am a 17-time bestselling author, including the USA Today Bestseller List. I have written for Forbes, International Living, Huffington Post, and Elephant Journal. I have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, America Daily Post, and London Daily Post.

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Every book AMA Publishing creates has a clear theme to make it easy for you to write your 3,000 word chapter and professional bio. We also provide guidance on how to intuitively write within a structured outline.

Once your chapter and bio are complete, you simply email them to our editing team and they take it from there. You can receive feedback and a second look at your chapter to ensure it’s polished and ready to be seen by the world.

Allow us to handle all formatting of the ebook, paperback, hardback, and audio editions of the book.

We take pride in hiring the best designers for absolutely gorgeous covers.

Our team takes care of the details and informs you of the release date so you can be prepared to share it with your audience.

This is literally what it costs to run a successful marketing campaign that gets you on the USA Today or similar bestseller lists. This is what solo authors pay to do it. Join the multi-author program and achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost!

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This will help you connect to your heart and share your story from the most authentic place

Monthly opportunities to receive introductions and referrals

You have access to three bonus trainings:

How to make $100k after the book releases

How to get featured in local and regional media channels

How to never promote alone again

Last but not least, you will become a USA Today Bestselling Author and have the graphics to add to your website and social media accounts.

The Younger Self Letters

How Successful Coaches, Consultants & Speakers Found Their Life Purpose (And How It Can Inspire You)

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Our Next Book is Filling Now!

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Client Love What Our Customers Say

"Thank you so much for enabling me to write my story and share it with the world" - Leigh Jane Woodgate
"For any woman out there who has a story to tell, run (do not walk) to work with Adriana!" - Michelle Aspinwall

Questions & Answers Frequently Asked Questions

YES, we do one of these per year.

YES, you can click here to put down a deposit of $2500.

There are 30 spots total, 10 of which are VIP.

Yes, you can break it up into 3 payments.

About AMA Publishing

AMA Publishing is an international, award winning publishing company that champions the stories of entrepreneurs who are trailblazers, innovators, and instigators.

Forbes has said that, AMA Publishing is helping women reshape the future of publishing.


AMA Publishing believes in the power of stories and the transformation that happens in each brave author when they own their voice.


Over 1000 entrepreneurs have elevated their brand, visibility, and authority and by 2027 there will be 10,000 new publishing houses created.


AMA Publishing has been featured in every major media outlet in the world and has been invited on numerous podcasts, summits, and virtual events.

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