Eleonor Amora Marklund

After contributing several chapters to multi-author books, I found the process of writing my story to be a cathartic and healing experience with the potential of creating profound change. As leaders and influencers, we’re driven to do our part to elevate the vibration of the entire planet. We know that it is our birthright to thrive in a reality of freedom in every aspect of our lives. I ’m here to show my proteges that their true path means no more giving away their power, no more believing that they are small and helpless. You have the power to take charge of your life, understand your reincarnation and fulfilling your responsibility to the collective awakening. My publishing houses provides the support people need to step up to the plate and tell their story.

The bulk of my contributors have come from my existing audience and clientele who are entrepreneurs primed to take advantage of the networking and business opportunities available to those who contribute to a multi-author book. I have modeled for them what is possible when you leverage your voice, and they are eager to tap into the healing potential of telling their story to a global audience. Nothing makes me prouder than when my contributors show up with courage to own their past including the wounds and glory, so they can authentically tell their full story.

What started off as a one-woman show has turned into a team spanning the globe. The House of Sovereignty multiplex enterprise is committed to changing lives through exponentially expanding and strengthening my community of spiritual rebels through the various arms of my business. Since adding the publishing arm to my business, I gained significant momentum in evolving my branding, business offerings, revenue, and global impact. This exposure has helped me to become an even bigger authority in my field of expertise. My first publishing house has developed into a full-fledged media wing that houses both UNFUCK Publishing and the Publishing House of Sovereignty which continue to enjoy rapid growth and expansion. I am creating a global empire with far reaching impact and influence.