How to start a business this year, without working 40 hours a week, even if you have failed at other ventures

Did you know it was illegal for women to own a printing press or publishing company until late in the 19th century?

Today, women make up the majority of those employed in publishing, but still tend to dominate in lower-level positions, and typically earn less than their male counterparts.


Most women have not acknowledged their natural ability to lead, invite, and create win-win opportunities.

In this book you will discover these 7 secrets:

  • The single fastest way to multiplying your impact and serving more people without burning out.
  • How to shift from offering services to creating coveted opportunities.
  • Why your lack of experience doesn’t matter.
  • The one decision that can lead to making $8k a month right out the gate.
  • How to build an international business without leaving your home office.
  • The people you never want to market to.
  • How you can succeed in publishing even if you don't think you are good at sales.
  • In this book you will read the testimonials of women who had zero experience in publishing and have created six figure houses.

They have sold out, published, and launched bestselling books on Amazon, been featured in publications, and expanded their audience and established their authority in the industry.

Every single one of them wondered if this would work for them, the same thing is probably what is going through your mind.

The reason we have such a high success rate is because once women can step into a model that is proven, they have everything they need to succeed. The supportive community means you are surrounded by successful women showing the way.

All you need is the model, the community, and the guidance to soar.

We believe in simplicity and no, you do not need special tech skills. This plan is so easy to follow you can succeed even if you have failed at other businesses.

You can learn how to start a publishing company in the next 30-60 days, even if you don't have an existing audience or have no idea where your clients are.

So simple millennials to baby boomers have followed this and are featured in this book.

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About AMA Publishing

AMA Publishing is an international, award winning publishing company that champions the stories of entrepreneurs who are trailblazers, innovators, and instigators.

Forbes has said that, AMA Publishing is helping women reshape the future of publishing.


AMA Publishing believes in the power of stories and the transformation that happens in each brave author when they own their voice.


Over 1000 entrepreneurs have elevated their brand, visibility, and authority and by 2027 there will be 10,000 new publishing houses created.


AMA Publishing has been featured in every major media outlet in the world and has been invited on numerous podcasts, summits, and virtual events.

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