Jessica Verrill

I’m Jessica Verrill and I founded House of Indigo, a publishing house, in February 2021. When I branched out with House of Indigo, I had taken a huge leap of faith and felt an alignment with my work at a level I had yet to experience. The glimpses of future timelines I had viewed all began to make sense, and I went all in. I felt behind the mark sometimes; I didn’t have an email list of thousands to fall back upon, a fancy funnel system or even a website that properly represented me. I did have focus, determination and divine support when I committed to my first multi-authored book collaboration. Even with no sales the first two months of the year, I am on track to have my first six-figure year and will be scaling to multiple six figures for 2022.

I have always loved books, reading, writing and helping people and now I get to combine all of these! This work has pushed me to levels of myself and as a leader incredibly quickly. I went from unpredictable income and client loads to 5 figure months within weeks, hired more support staff, and have a level of fulfillment that is ever growing. It’s like I finally found the right path on the map of life and am happily planning out future events, projects and aspects, all while creating my own hours and spending time with my family.