Tarsh Ashwin

I decided to open up my publishing company in September 2020. Even though I was already running a successful business as a business strategist for online entrepreneurs, I founded Ashwin Publishing because I desired to provide a platform for my clients to share their (oftentimes disruptive and controversial) messages on the global stage. I had experienced firsthand the impact that censorship can have on a business and realized that we cannot rely on traditional social media marketing to grow our businesses and find our tribe. I had also co-authored two multi-author book projects with Adriana who had supported me to finally crack the six-figure ceiling I’d been aiming at for so long.

Establishing a publishing company was such a no-brainer for me.

Since September, I have launched two multi-author books, am marketing the third one, and have just begun working with a client on solo book publishing, bringing in a total of $80k in revenue into the front end of my business.

This has been such a powerful addition to my business and I have grown in many ways since becoming the CEO of Ashwin Publishing. I’ve attracted over 70 new clients into my sales vortex—many of whom have gone on to invest in my private and group coaching programs.

I have stepped into a new state of professionalism and feel that I can command a more potent energy of authority. I’ve been able to combine my experience with business strategy and marketing to help my clients achieve fantastic results through participating in my books. As a result, they have consistently referred new authors to me which has helped me fill upcoming books with ease.