Imagine being on the cutting edge of a movement-that’s what self publishing is experiencing right now.

Every entrepreneur, thought leader, and influencer knows getting their ideas on paper opens new opportunities for them.


And starting your own highly profitable six figure publishing company doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We have taken an industry that is complex and made it simple for people just like you to get started without experience or a large budget.

Think of this as a turn key business or a franchise model.

Not every coach, consultant or professional service provider knows how to stand out in the crowd and elevate their brand...starting a publishing company is a very high level way to do this.

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How Our Client's Publishing Companies Are Changing The World

In The Six Figure Publishing Certification you get to work at your own pace and learn


How to position yourself in the market place


How to create the concept of your first book


What multi-author books are & why they are a good first step


How to get into cash flow in 30 days of less


How to build a team or plug into ours

Everything in our certification course has been proven time and time again with clients all over the world.

Publishing is lucrative in any economy because successful entrepreneurs are always looking to share their story, build their brand, and grow their business.

Most of the authors you will work with would be rejected by traditional publishers because of their gender, politics, and subject matter.

You get to say yes to authors and make their dreams come true!

You don´t have experience you say? That´s ok-in this course you will learn it´s not about you. it´s about knowing how to present book concepts in a clear, distinctive, and desirable way so your perspective clients can see themselves as a good fit.


Let’s be honest, most people struggle in their business because they simply have not learned and mastered sales skills. In this course you have access to sales training that has created six and seven figure successes. All you need to do is listen and act.

Now let’s talk about the money.

In this course you will learn how to work with collaboration and solo authors. Many of our graduates are charging between $10k-$30k for solo author publishing packages.

Collaboration books can easily create $20k-$50k of income with the option to offer upsells.

There is plenty of money to be made because there are plenty of people who want to use their story to connect to ideal clients. You get to be the one who makes it easy for them.

Client Love What Our Customers Say

What will you learn in The Six Figure
Publishing Certification Program?

How to be 10 feet tall and bullet proof

How to position your book for success

How to create the concept of your first multi-author book

Strategies for getting your first handful of paying clients without a website

How to market your publishing house on social media

How to create a short and easy sales process

What terms and conditions you need to protect yourself

The first three steps to give your new authors

How to embody being a CEO

How to create the book - you can do it yourself (not recommended) or hire a team of experts and specialists (we show you how to do both)

How to manage designers so you get great covers

Methods for getting your authors sharing the book before it launches

Ideas for how to create first class support for yourself

How to have a successful best-selling launch (we have a 100% track record)

CEO behavior and pitfalls to avoid

How to collaborate, network, and create an affiliate team

How to make the most of the book for yourself and your authors

How to get your clients featured on podcasts, summits, and in the media

Timelines for deadlines to keep a book on track

How to prepare authors for the release of their book

Ideas for creating upsells for authors

How to seamlessly integrate the publishing into other businesses

How to use you publishing company to elevate your authority

How to market the book after it launches and get clients for your next project

The easiest way to launch and sell out your books

How to work with solo authors and where to find them

The Six Figure Publishing Certifivation Course has over 100 hours of content

We ran this course live for 2 years - both privately for $30k, and in a group setting for $12k - now available to you as a digital course for only $4,999 USD


Go from overthinking to diving into action

Start your own publishing company in 30 days or less

Learn how to create a book you are excited to announce

Get yeses and moola flowing right away

Get people moving toward you as you elevate your presence online

Learn how to hire a team (or us to produce your books

Become the connector everyone is happy to meet

Get paid five figures for solo books and special projects

Step into the CEO you always knew you could be

Rock your business in a way that works for you!

Client Love What Our Customers Say

"You know that she's creating magic and you're doing it together!" - Helen Reid
"She's created such an amazing sacred container for you to grow." - Darcie Elizabeth
"Absolutely amazing results... I've went from $2k to $10k a month!" - Chanel Morales
"She doesn't mess around and transformed my expectations!" - Lindsay Crowther
"Thank you so much for enabling me to write my story and share it with the world" - Leigh Jane Woodgate
"For any woman out there who has a story to tell, run (do not walk) to work with Adriana!" - Michelle Aspinwall

About AMA Publishing

AMA Publishing is an international, award winning publishing company that champions the stories of entrepreneurs who are trailblazers, innovators, and instigators.

Forbes has said that, AMA Publishing is helping women reshape the future of publishing.


AMA Publishing believes in the power of stories and the transformation that happens in each brave author when they own their voice.


Over 1000 entrepreneurs have elevated their brand, visibility, and authority and by 2027 there will be 10,000 new publishing houses created.


AMA Publishing has been featured in every major media outlet in the world and has been invited on numerous podcasts, summits, and virtual events.

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