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Did you start your podcast to share amazing stories and grow your business, but it’s not happening as fast as you hoped it would?

Are you figuring out that podcasting doesn’t necessarily lead to getting clients?

Is it challenging to create a high quality podcast and make the money you desire?

Do you wish you could get your interviews out to more people?

Are you noticing your reach isn’t as large as you wish it was?

Do you struggle with knowing how to cultivate a relationship with your guests?

Is building a community not your gift or you find it’s sucking up a lot of your time?


Hi, I’m Adriana Monique Alvarez...

I know amazing storytelling and interviews do not automatically translate into anything, but the good news is they can when you know what to do.

Can I show you how to take your passion and interviews and turn them into bestselling books that exponentially expand your impact, audience, and income?

If you are a passionate podcaster I want to take you step by step through the concept, strategy, and implementation required to add $100k to your income this year.

What if you could be on the leading edge in podcasting?

Here’s the truth...

Every great podcaster is great at helping their guests tell their story.

And every guest loves to tell their story.

What if you went a step further than most will and you published their stories in a bestselling book?

Think of all the interviews you have done...even if only 10% of your past guests said yes, you are in business!

I have published the stories of a thousand entrepreneurs, been featured in every media outlet in the world, and Forbes even said, I am changing the world of publishing.

I have trained podcasters, coaches, and consultants on how to start their own publishing companies.

And I have created many opportunities for people just like you, to partner with my award winning publishing company so they don’t have to learn my industry but can benefit from it.

What You Get In This Experience

A peek into the gold mine you are currently sitting on but not accessing.

A low risk way to take your interviews and turn them into chapters.

A win-win approach to community that will open doors for you and your clients.

Action items you can do while you are in the safety of this group.

You will have a concrete and proven way to add a new stream of income that weaves seamlessly with your podcast.

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The Podcasters Who Publish Experience

In this 53-minute video, I show you exactly why publishing is the hottest thing going, how it works well with what you are already doing, and how you can add it without learning a brand new industry.

Here’s what you get:

53-minute video training on how to become a podcaster who publishes the most inspiring stories (and how to frame the mental demons that would try to keep you small).

Bonus: My seven favorite money making activities that lead to getting clients daily.

Action Items to get you into action so you can see your audience is actually dreaming of this kind of opportunity.

Bonus: A super simple sales call script that won't leave you following up for weeks.

Action Items to get you into conversations with your ideal contributors.

Bonus: The one social media post you can also use as an email to get your first handful of paying authors.

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes podcasters make and how to become the top 1% of podcasters.

See you inside the The Podcasters Who Publish Experience!

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